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The New Era of Space travel has started, and how you can go to space now (for free)

Ever since spaceflight was a thing, it has been used by governments to assert dominance against other countries, even the moon landing project was done solely for this purpose But this is changing. While government agencies like NASA and ISRO are doing all their great things, they are far more boring to the audience, because they are interested in science-based projects like satellites On the other hand, companies like SpaceX, Rocketlab, Virgin Galactic, and Blue origin have been working on something much bigger-  Space tourism.   And its not just a competition on who makes better and safer rockets for billionaires, its a race to push the boundaries of what humanity can do, which will inevitably (albeit slowly) make space available to the common people. Now lets talk about the rockets. Fun stuff! First, lets clear out the confusion between 'space' and 'orbit'  Space is just everything beyond the boundary of about 80 kms. Its a lack of atmosphere, but not a lack of gravi
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Yup, literally everything.  We have returned after a long time.... (sorry for that) Starship is the rocket that gets me excited about our future, and space in general. However, it has never really demonstrated its feats. But, it could happen as soon as tomorrow- the 15 km hop is very close. Starship SN8 and Starhopper. The upgrade between these two vehicles in just a year and a half is absolutely astonishing. Seeing SN8 up close and personal makes me feel like I’m looking into the future. Unbelievable. I cannot wait to see it fly 🤯 — Everyday Astronaut (@Erdayastronaut) November 30, 2020  Even though we have'nt been blogging recently, we are following the space industry very closely and one thing is for sure- no matter how successful or unsuccessful the hop goes, it will be spectacular.   well, if you dont know how big the starship is , here is a size comparison Notice how big it is from that car below it.    What is this 15 km hop about?  Welllllll, ju